Interview : on a rencontré Finn Andrews, leader de The Veils

C’est avec grand plaisir que j’ai pu discuter avec Finn Andrews, le chanteur du groupe The Veils, à l’occasion de leur nouvel album, intitulé Total Depravity.

L’interview ci-dessous est en anglais, afin de ne pas modifier la nature des propos de Finn. Le groupe est en tournée à partir du 30 aout et viendra se produire le 29 octobre prochain à Paris, à la Maroquinerie.

  1. When and how was The Veils was formed?

The Veils seems to always be beginning and ending to me – I would say it properly started with Sophia, Liam and I in New Zealand.

  1. I read that Sophia was your former classmate? How does it feel to still be close from a childhood friend, are you still close apart from playing in the same band ?

Yes Soph and I have known each other since we were 12, I think it helps to ground the whole thing, I certainly can’t imagine the band functioning without her.

  1. Your style is recognisable among hundreds. Why always a suit and a hat?

I just like having a uniform, it’s my suit of armour.


  1. All your covers are catching the eye, what is their meaning, is there a story to follow from one album to an other through your covers?

Every cover has a central object, though this is only something I noticed recently; the car, the man, the heart, the house, the woman. Lord knows what it means.

  1. I read that your influences came from Patti Smith or Bob Dylan? Is it still relevant ?

Yes i guess so.

  1. Some of your songs are about your childhood in New Zealand, Can you tell that NZ made what you became today as an adult, and if that’s the case, how and why?

t’s hard to say really. I think it was a great place to grow up, New Zealand has a very unique kind of isolation that lends itself well to creativity I think. I can’t imagine not having it as somewhere to run back to.

  1. What do you think of the rise of extremism in the world? Do you think to be right when you said « The valleys of New Orléans » that « someday the walls will tremble with Terrible flames here, until the mouth of some hurricane sweeps them away » ?

It’s an incredibly difficult time at the moment, particularly as a European. The mistreatment of refugees is utterly heartbreaking. I don’t know what else there is to say at the moment.

  1. Total Depravity appears to be darker than your previous albums. How can you explain this change?

I think it’s just us at our most unapologetic, we really didn’t hold back a thing with this one.

  1. You said « Don’t Look’ back » in Axolotl, is there anything you regret in your life?

Played the violin for a few years when I was a kid then I gave it up, that still pisses me off.

  1. What was the last concert you attended. Did you like it?

I saw Radiohead in London a month or so ago, that was great. Nick Cave was stood in front of me dancing to Karma Police. That was a real treat.

  1. In « Jesus for the jugular » who are you talking to when you say « How do you preach the world if you don’t know how ?»

The wilfully ignorant I suppose.

  1. Bonus question! Who is « My sweet Laviana »?

Ha! That would be telling. She knows who she is…

Thank you for your great music, Hope to see you soon.



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