ADE x DGTL: Are you ready to get Digitalized?

Let’s just say that the Dark Room of Berghain will be jealous of the sustainable dark energy and matter produced during the DGTL x ADE festival 2019.

Credit: DGTL x Jordy Brada

Autumn is pointing its nose, and the time for you to put on some mountain outwear inspired by South Park has finally come! Fortunately for you, there is no need to wait until Christmas to sparkle yourself with good twinkle twinkle music and truffled chocolates. Yes, there is a brighter path at the end of the tunnel: this month of October, join the craziest European event: ADE x DGTL. Wait, DGTL what? Well, if you are not aware of this amazing gig, let us describe it for you: pure eargasm for four days. So save the date: from 16th to 19th of October, in Amsterdam (NDSM Loods & Warehouse), for hectic dance moves and connect with like-minded individuals. The full event program and timetable: here.

Enter the DGTL world
Credit: DGTL x Tim Buiding

DGTL: Better than the trilogy of Lord of the Rings

Like any fairy tale story, DGTL started 7 years ago with one specific mission: make a sustainable, social impact in the music/entertainment industry. It is true that their events are inspirational for everyone’s daily lives. What happens in the night club, does not have to stay there but brought home. On top of that, DGTL provides your eyes and ears with the right balance between leading names of the industry, local gems and new artists discoveries.

The mixology between art, music, technology, food and sustainability, consists of the best radioactive formula for partying. And to add, DGTL is clearly one of the best festival ever created (and we know what we are talking about, as we have accumulated 7 years too, of experience but in the shuffle, dance moves department).

The NDSM Loods: a cosmic place.
Credit: DGTL x Tim Buiting

Rüfüs du Sol: the most radioactive ADE Event

We have been waiting long years to finally see on stage the Australian band, in Europe. The indie trio just pushed the boundaries of traditional electronic music, to give birth to massive creative disruption. Coming for their SOLACE TOUR, following their hectic album « Solace » released in 2018. On Thursday 17th October at NDSM Warehouse, come and experience the merging between two worlds: live performance and electronic music. Even more exciting than going on a trip to Mars with Elon Musk, just board the Rüfüs spacecraft towards the solar system. This is a one lifetime opportunity.

Rufus Du Sol : Credits: Derek Rickert

Bonobo presents Outlier: not to be missed, even if it’s raining cats and cosmic squirrels

Lucky you, if you are currently reading this lines, there must still be tickets left, but we strongly advise to go and get them, like if it was the Rolling Stones playing their last date. On Saturday, 18th of October, at NDSM Loods, come and get the proper ADE experience, thanks to an exquisite lineup, an industrial/contemporary location and mind-blowing lights.

This year, DGTL has prepared you a 5 star Michelin menu, in collaboration with Bonobo: the prodigy producer David August will be playing a 1 hour 15 set (radioactivity level is on point). He will be joined by the wonderful Black Madonna, extremely respected for her vinyl sets and knowns to bring the best energy on the dancefloor. Then, the musical gastronomy continues with Jon Hopkins, KI/KI and Bradley Zero. As we said, the perfect balance between legendary artists names and hot new discoveries.

The Black Madonna
Credit : DGTL x Tim Buiting

So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how digitalised are you gonna be?

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