Review of DGTL x ADE Amsterdam 2019

Let us take you through a hell of a journey to attain DGTL Redemption: Bonobo presents Outlier during ADE Festival Amsterdam

DGTL was the best moment of ADE
Credit: Jordy Brada x DGTL

Dear party people from all around the world, this is an exclusive announcement from the legal rave ministry. Last week, a flamboyant event occurred: DGTL Amsterdam and if you have missed it, you rather save the date for next year’s ADE Amsterdam edition. As for us, fellow French people, do not have PDE (Paris Dance Event), we decided to investigate what were the best events of the Amsterdam Dance Event, happening from 16th to 20th of October.

For four days, we organised our own MDE (Marathon Dance Event) and went running from event to event, in order to showcase our findings to a jury of music experts. And let us tell you that after an international vote, DGTL Festival was the real highlight of this year’s ADE. For four incredible days, DGTL went on to deliver us, the best live shows, totally surpassing our expectations. Starting with a live from Modeselektor x Richie Hawtin on Wednesday to end up the marathon on Sunday, 7 am, with a hot live set from the queen of the Underground: The Black Madonna.

DGTL is clearly one of our favourite events, as it really differentiates itself from all those mainstream techno events. Combining digital visuals, an exquisite lineup for all tastes, good people and the best organisers team. The bonus? A sustainable dimension. Yes, you can party your ass off but not at the expense of the planet. Here is our review. Stay tuned comrade!

The holy some Warehouse. Credit: Jordy Brada X DGTL

The day before the end of ADE.

As stated previously, we started our Saturday MDE with the “Dockyard x Mystic Garden Festival”. And let us tell you that we were praying all day, that the God of time would accelerate the clock to 10 pm (time of opening of DGTL festival), to end our visual and auditive pain. The lineup of a festival does not make all of it, otherwise, it would be too easy. Even though there were headliners like Len Faki, this festival seemed like never-ending stages, accommodated with some BPM hurting yours hears. Counting the hours that separate ourselves from DGTL redemption. We cannot wait to leave this place that strangely looks like a World War Zombie, after-movie. 

Credit: Jordy Brada x DGTL

9:45 pm: Redemption time, here we comeWe jump on our flying cosmic squirrel (the name that I give for Uber), directly to NDSM Warehouse, Loods. We are excited but do not know what to expect. The entry process happens smoothly and the staff very nice, as Dutch hospitality is. After passing the lockers (yes, you can leave your things safely here, not like in France where it looks more “Wardrobe Watch”). 

Get ready to showcase your best dance moves. Credit: Jordy Brada x DGTL

The time for festivities has come, alongside the cruel dilemma of “which area shall I choose?”, as the lineup between the two areas were both “eargasmic”. The set up mixing raw warehouse-style, with street art and neons that will make jealous all the nightclubs of Berlin. As they started this year’s edition “was their best up to date”; we could not agree more.

Celebrating HAAi’s birthday with Daniel Avery
Credit: Jordy Brada x DGTL
Bonobo getting in our minds like a mentalist
Credit: Jordy Brada x DGTL

Requiem for a festival: David August, HAAi, Bonobo and the “crème de la crème”.

The most awaited live: “You got to love” David August. The 1:15 live was clearly one of the best of the night. The Berlin-based producer started really young and since then, has always been an acclaimed prodigy. As it is rare to see him perform, DGTL Amsterdam truly increased the temperature in this cold autumn night, by warming our hearts with love.

The visuals were mind-blowing (pictures displayed as evidence). We did not even mind the small sound bug that occurred during David August’s set. After all, a little break was much needed to recharge our batteries, for the end of the show. We loved the live performance, mixed with David’s enchanting, mysterious singing voice. 

Visuals that will leave the Moon Jealous
Credit: Jordy Brada x DGTL
You got to love David August
Credit: Jordy Brada x DGTL
We will never get enough of David August
Credit: Jordy Brada x DGTL

Bonobo, our night’s shining star, got into our mind and made us travel to undiscovered worlds. After playing his famous track “Cirrus”, he continued our mystic musical journey, with elevating beats. All of this, combined with incredible visuals, reflecting his artistic universe. As it was one of his last European dates for this year, this was the place to be. We are impressed by the ability of DGTL’s crew to deliver such diversity and quality of music. It was refreshing to hear and see, surtout after a week of listening to the same techno beats.

DGTL’s last day was also marked by the unique birthday’s celebrations of the London resident artists HAAi alongside The Black Madonna, turning 42 years old. We also had the pleasure to see Daniel Avery during HAAi’s set, the pair made a B2B set the day before. From melodic beats to groovy sounds, HAAi got us hooked.

Then, it was the turn to The Black Madonna to close DGTL’s ADE edition with a set of two hours. We could not imagine a better way to end this night. Being a pioneer for decades in the industry, listening to her set combining disco, techno, house, was a pure 5 stars delicacy. She has no fear to mix genres, incorporating warm thoughts to the cold techno beats. This tremendous artist has such positive energy. She owned the stage like a queen, inviting everyone to get together and dance at the same rhythm

The Queen, The Black Madonna, closing set
Credit: Jordy Brada x DGTL
The Black Madonna firing the dancefloor
Credit: Jordy Brava x DGTL
The Black Madonna: The Beauty of the night
Credit: Jordy Brada x DGTL

As French peeps would say “DGTL IZ ZE BEST”. For once, a festival succeeded in combining a great community of people (diverse culture, background sharing the same passion and involvement in music) and amazing artists. A massive standing ovation to DGTL’s crew, who made this unforgettable experience happen.

Bonobo delivering his best tracks
Credit: Jordy Brada x DGTL
We just loved the groovy energy of HAAi
Credit: Jordy Brada x DGTL

Feeling doomed to have missed it? Dry your tears crocodiles, next edition happens next month in Madrid.  We highly recommend you to take the trip to the Netherlands, for DGTL Easter weekend 2020 edition: a real voodoo bush doof fire, as would sing one of HAAi’s track. 


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